MoneyBrio not only tracks your expenses and gives you an accurate picture of all your accounts but also, and more importantly, it helps you keep your personal budget under control.

A well-formed budget is essential for reaching a better financial life but most people get easily discouraged about, mainly because of three major pitfalls.

Budget Instability

Everyone would like to set up his budget once and for all, but because not all expenses occur on a monthly basis, we are forced into constantly reexamining our budget.

Budget Corrections

Not only are they incessantly necessary, but because they usually require from you some calculations, they quickly become a real burden when more than a few are needed.

Budget Overspending

Sooner or later we all overspend, and what is really depressing is this feeling of being finally defeated after months of fierce discipline.

MoneyBrio provides a set of creative solutions for overcoming each of these hurdles.

Provisions To Increase Budget Stability

Provisions are money put aside virtually for upcoming expenses. Virtually, because even when not a single expense occurs and nothing is actually taken out of your account, the corresponding budgeted amount is nevertheless marked as spent. When an expense later occurs, the provision is automatically used first, leaving the spent amount untouched until it is completely exhausted. Your budget becomes more stable.

Smart Drag & Drop To Ease Budget Corrections

When you cancel out an overspending by altering your budget, MoneyBrio does automatically the calculations for you. For example, suppose you overspent in Groceries but still have a comfortable margin in Entertainment. Drag and drop from the latter to the former and both budgeted amounts will be accordingly corrected just enough to cover the overspending. Your budget is balanced again.

Debts To Fight Overspending Blues

In MoneyBrio, a debt has a slightly different meaning than the one generally accepted. It is a negative provision created specifically to cancel out an overspending, and whose amount is intended to be progressively counterbalanced by sticking to an even tighter budget in the next months. In other words, you acknowledge your mistakes but are eager to improve. Meanwhile, hope is back and your feeling of complete failure weakens.

If you were looking for a simpler solution not fully-packed with bells and whistles, you have come to the right place.